Introducing the World's Most Advanced Rugged Server

100% LRU, Short Rack 2U OpenVPX-based Server with Router,
Managed Switch, Ultra High Speed RAID and Quad GPU


General Micro Systems S2U server with Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E5 processors up to 2.3 GHz each

Modular approach

Groundbreaking Technology

All 8 of our S2U’s field-replaceable, modular subsystems represent a major industry breakthrough at a significantly lower price. S2U relies on the battle-hardened OpenVPX standards (VITA 46/65).

Every module in the S2U “King Cobra” is a modular line replacement unit (LRU) and can be easily extracted, changed or replaced with pre-planned product improvements (P3I) - maximizing battlefield uptime and survivability, shattering the fallacy that commercial servers cannot be “ruggedized” for the battlefield and setting the new standard.

Full Modularity

Each subsystem is 100% LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) specifically designed for battlefield replacement and upgrading.

OpenVPX Standard

Utilizing OpenVPX, the S2U is designed to withstand much higher shock, vibration, and temperatures than standard servers.

Unparalleled Density

Replace several 1U/2U servers, switches/routers, RAID controllers, and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) with a single 2U rackmount server.

100% American Made

All General Micro Systems products are defense grade and proudly designed and manfactured in the U.S.A.

interactive tour

Meet the King Cobra

Explore the S2U "King Cobra" in this interactive model. Move around the model with your left mouse button and zoom in using your scroll wheel. Click on the annotations to learn more about specific subsystems.

like no other

Ultra-High Performance

S2U "King Cobra" has unprecedented options for COTS add-in modules, including standards such as PCIe, OpenVPX, XMC and more. For example, two NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards can be installed, each with up to 12 TFLOPS per GPU. Collectively, this gives S2U HPEC/HPC GPGPU performance up to 24 TFLOPS with 7,680 CUDA cores.

72 VMs

Dual socket XEON™ E5 v4




GPGPU Co-processing


A New Standard

The S2U “King Cobra” 2U short rack server can replace up to 15U of equivalent server rack functions.
This ‘total rack’ server system is made possible by King Cobra’s revolutionary modular and scalable architecture that is a breakthrough in electro-mechanical design. Everything about King Cobra represents a different way of thinking about rackmount server design: each sub-system is optimized for maximum performance, lowest power, highest efficiency thermal profile and modular replacement in the field.

PCI(e) Subsystem

Support for four standard x16 PCIe modules and optional GPGPU high-performance computing (HPC): up to 24 TFLOPS (NVIDIA: 7,680)

6U CPU Module

Dual socket Intel® Xeon® E5-2695 v4 CPU with up to 18 Cores, each operating up to 3.3GHz and support for up to 256GB of RAM with ECC up to 2133 MT/s.

6U OpenVPX COM Module

Full-featured Cisco® Embedded Services Router (ESR) designed for mission-critical routing, voice, video or data packets.

Power / Fan Module

Intelligent fan controller for optimum control over each fan along with voltage and temperature monitoring with reporting.

Fan Module

Intelligent fan controller for optimum control over each fan along with voltage and temperature monitoring with reporting.

3U Power Supplies

Up to 3 redundant, hot-swappable 3U OpenVPX Power Supplies. Supports 110/220 VAC or 28 VDC (MIL-STD-1275) input power.

System I/O Module

Gigabit Ethernet port for Remote Management and status, two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports with power and optional HDMI Video with Audio.

Storage subsystem

12 hot-pluggable 2.5” drive bays with support for 6Gbit/s SAS/SATA drives or x4 NVMe PCIe SSD drives and support for RAID 0,1,5,10,50 and custom.
Take a tour

Explore S2U

Click to watch a video tour of our S2U "King Cobra" server and all of its amazing features.

The video breaks down all subsystems and hot-swap modules and gives detailed specifications for each.

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